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Dr. Gustavo Fonte, Ph.D.



Dr. Gustavo Fonte, Ph.D.


80 SW 8th St suite 2000 fl
Miami Florida 33130



Dr. Fonte is a licensed psychologist for the state of Florida. He has been practicing psychology in Florida for more than 25 years. He received his professional license in 1992 and founded The Health Psychological Group, Inc. in 1994. Since the beginning of his successful private practice, he has provided a personalised service to his patients and clients. He understands their needs and can therefore develop an accurate and detailed report. Over the years, he has helped and evaluated thousands of cases, with excellent results. Not only are judges and lawyers requesting his services, but also individuals who have been recommended by satisfied patients. His particular style of work makes the patient feel comfortable and understood by receiving a personal and professional service at the same time. Dr. Fonte, who is Hispanic, is an immigrant. During his many years of experience, Dr. Fonte achieved excellent results for his clients, establishing him as an expert on immigration evaluations, such as asylum, extreme poverty, domestic violence and crime victims. It is important to understand that psychological evaluations are useful tools for immigration lawyers, which helps to explain each particular case, its needs and thus facilitate the desired result. Immigration, clinical and forensic evaluations give Dr. Fonte the credibility and confidence to his clients in knowing that a reliable professional with extensive knowledge and experience is handling his case. Having evaluated thousands of cases, he has informed the court through his reports, in-depth analysis


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Miami ( my-AM-ee), officially the City of Miami, is a coastal metropolis and the seat of Miami-Dade County in South Florida. With a population of 442,241 as of the 2020 census, it is the second-most populous city in the state of Florida after Jacksonville. It is the core of the much larger Miami metropolitan area, which, with a population of 6.138 million, is the third-largest metro in the Southeast and ninth-largest in the United States. The city has the third largest skyline in the U.S. with over 300 high-rises, 58 of which exceed 491 ft (150 m).Miami is a major center and leader in finance, commerce, culture, arts, and international trade. Miami's metropolitan area is by far the largest urban economy in Florida, with a gross domestic product of $344.9 billion as of 2017.



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